Henrique Nascimento

Current predictions are that robots will take over more than 5 million jobs in the next five years. Work as we know it will drastically change. These ‘Guidelines for the Human Factor’ present an alternate concept of labour with new roles for man and machine. As we are released from our manufacturing tasks, we can shift our focus to creating meaning and leave the production of things up to the machines. Instead of seeing robots as a threat, Henrique Nascimento proposes to embrace their skills and literally puts them at the table alongside humans. In this algorithm-based workspace, we can discuss social political, ethical or social topics while the robot acts as a moderator of the discussion and displays real-time references by using voice recognition and artificial intelligence. As the discussion proceeds, a hologram starts to grow based on information the robot has extracted from the conversation. A ‘conversation piece’ will emerge: a co-production between man and machine, ready for manufacturing.

Graduation project, 2016
Gijs Bakker Award Nominee
Photography: Ronald Smits