Gali Blay

Welcome to the travel log of anthropologist Maggie Rotberger, a fictitious character created by Gali Blay, to tell the story of her homeland, Israel. She calls it Panicutopia: a place where panic and utopia collide. Maggie embarks on a journey to meet people who choose to live off the grid, disconnected from the state’s infrastructure, hiding from violence and suppression. She finds a community in an underground cave system, and another one living in zeppelins, high in the sky. The third one has built a huge mobile camouflaged rock from old tanks and crashed airplanes. Its inhabitants are a mixture of Jewish Israelites and Muslim Palestinians who are living happily together in their own infrastructure. They never have to leave this comfortable sealed-off world to face the rest of society. Although Maggie’s trip is an amazing adventure, at the end she realises that as long as these communities are afraid of the outside world, a proper dialogue will never occur.

Graduation project, 2016